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CHMM Examination Study Guide

CHMM Examination Study Guide

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Do you encounter any hazardous materials in your workplace or environment? Are you responsible for the proper handling, storage and/or transportation of hazardous materials? Are you affected by any health, safety, product stewardship, or life cycle-related decisions regarding the use or disposition of hazardous materials? If so, you should have the Certified Hazardous Materials Manager (CHMM) credential from the Institute of Hazardous Materials Management (IHMM) that recognizes your responsibilities, training, and expertise. The CHMM Examination Study Guide™ book is now available to prepare candidates for certification by IHMM. The current IHMM examination blueprint is organized into six domains. These domains are Management Principles, Selected EPA Regulations, Selected OSHA and DOT Regulations, Fire Protection and PPE Topics, Scientific Principles, and Toxicology and Radiation. Included are study sessions and more than 880 questions with answers and explanations.

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Hamid R. Kavianian, PhD, CSP, CHMM, is the president of International Safety & Systems Management, Inc., and has extensive professional experience in the field of occupational and environmental safety engineering and management. He has authored ASP, CSP, CHMM, and CIH textbooks...

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