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CIH Examination Study Guide

CIH Examination Study Guide

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The CIH Examination Study Guide™ book will assist you in preparing for the technical questions on the ABIH Examination. Study sessions and examples explain the principles and applications in the five areas of the Examination: noise, radiation, ventilation, general sciences and statistics, and heat stress. Each area has a Study Session and a Quiz. The Study Sessions explain the formulas on the ABIH formula sheet for that area and are followed by an example problem and solution. The quiz for each area is selected from the example problems in the study session. There are a total of 112 example problems covering all five areas. 

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Hamid R. Kavianian, PhD, CSP, CHMM, is the president of International Safety & Systems Management, Inc., and has extensive professional experience in the field of occupational and environmental safety engineering and management. He has authored ASP, CSP, CHMM, and CIH textbooks...

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