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Selling Safety to the Front-Line Employee

Selling Safety to the Front-Line Employee

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Safety can be a tough sell. Even the word "safety" has negative connotations when we connect safety to terms like "investigation", "audit" and "disciplinary action." Yet, safety professionals, supervisors and operations managers must be able to sell safety up and down the organization. Convincing leaders that safety is important is not enough. Everyone including front line employees must understand the benefits of a safe operation. Tactics used to sell safety to leadership are different than the tactics used for front line employees. Selling is about influencing someone to do something we want them to do. It's about influencing employees to do more than follow procedures. We want them to be proactive in identifying and addressing hazards. We want them to be actively involved in creating a safe work environment. Session attendees will learn techniques for "selling" safety to front line employees including how to have a "Make Safety Personal" conversation.
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Learning Objectives

Illustrate the importance of influencing front line employees to help build a strong safety culture. Drive safety culture and go beyond compliance by following three (3) tips to make safety personal. Apply the “Make Safety Personal” worksheet to your next conversation about...

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