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Safety Management Systems in a Joint-Employer Environment

Safety Management Systems in a Joint-Employer Environment

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In a joint-employer environment, the escalation of risk and potential for serious harm to workers of either employer enters the picture long before any worker sets foot on the production floor. The traditional approach to managing risk in these work environments is out of touch with current methodology and practice and out of pace with the speed at which risk presents itself and multiplies throughout the workforce. As risk is multiplied and known to impact those in a non-traditional employment setting, from catastrophic injuries to psychosocial risk, it is time to re-evaluate how we enable safe work to occur in these shared, dynamic, and compressed production environments.

Safety Management Systems in a Joint-Employer Environment provides an overview of the traditional thinking and market factors driving the current approach to safety in joint-employer environments, along with compelling insights and a proven framework for serious injury prevention and better business outcomes. Whether your vantage point of safety is from a safety-specific role, human resources, or facilities management or operations, this book will help you connect with and drive principles of safety leadership, vision and expectations for continually monitoring risk to acceptable levels while coupled to performance improvement and better business outcomes.


  • “Touch points” for each chapter, summarizing key takeaways
  • Risk multipliers and unique vulnerabilities in a contingent labor workforce
  • Frameworks for safety and consensus standards: Discussions of Z10, 45001, other consensus standards
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Item Details:

Author: Scott L. DeBow, CSP, ARM,
ISBN: 978-0-939874-45-3
Format: Softcover
Publisher: American Society of Safety Professionals
Pages: 175

About the Author

Scott L. DeBow, CSP, ARM, serves as principal of Health/Safety & Environmental for Avetta, the leading provider of supply chain risk...

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