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Fall Protection: Anchorage Connectors

Fall Protection: Anchorage Connectors

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Working at heights can be a hazardous job and remains a leading cause of injuries and OSHA citations. This course is developed with funding from OSHA under Susan Harwood Grant and offers guidance on how to properly implement and use fall protection systems and equipment to effectively advance personal safety programs, increase efficiency and Stay OSHA compliant. This course is part of a series covering the three parts of the personal fall arrest system (PFAS). These parts are the “anchor,” the “bodywear,” and the “connecting device” — widely known as the ABCs.

This course focuses on the “A”, Anchor— which refers to the secure fall protection anchor points of attachment for lifelines, lanyards or deceleration devices and are designed to hold fast under the forces generated during a fall. Gain practical guidance on selection and use of anchorage connectors to establish active personal fall protection system using existing structures. Learn about the standards for anchorages and anchorage connectors and key considerations for applying them. Review the variations, uses, limitations, inspection, and maintenance requirements for anchorage connectors.

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What You Will Learn

  • Examine standards and regulations for anchorages
  • Identify various types of anchorage connectors
  • Examine how to select strong structure(s) to install an anchorage connector and the conditions for when you should consult an expert.
  • Demonstrate installing an anchorage connector...

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