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Fall Protection: Full Body Harness

Fall Protection: Full Body Harness

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This course is part of a series covering the three parts of the personal fall arrest system (PFAS). These parts are the “anchor,” the “bodywear,” and the “connecting device” — widely known as the ABCs. This series was developed for OSHA under a Susan Harwood training grant and is led by well-known experts. Consider registering for all three courses or select the topic most valuable to you and your

This course focuses on the “B” — which refers to the bodywear or full body harness that workers wear to catch them in the event of a fall. Course topics include how to properly select, inspect and wear this equipment. This course is appropriate for workers and employers in industries with high fatality rates; in high-hazard industries; and in small or new businesses. It is also beneficial for temporary, minority and young workers (ages 16 to 24).

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What You Will Learn

  • Identify the four main inspection areas (hardware, web, stitching, tags) and list modes of failure for each
  • Identify the proper location of thigh and chest straps, along with proper tightness, as well as proper location for the dorsal D-ring
  • Recognize the danger of hanging in...

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