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Risk Management for OSH Professionals

Risk Management for OSH Professionals

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Managing risk is a critical function in modern business. Are you wondering how applying risk management principles could help your organization identify, assess and control hazards that endanger employees, business property and the environment? Our Risk Management for OSH Professionals microlearning module provides a brief introduction to risk management and its core principles, framework and processes. Using practical examples of how companies assess risk, the module explains the business value of guiding an organization’s shift from a compliance-focused mindset to risk-based processes. You will also learn about risk identification, risk analysis and risk evaluation, the three key steps of assessing risk, while developing a better understanding of the tools and skills you need to become a risk management expert.
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Self-Paced (6-months access to the online course)


Beginner: 0-4 years

Microlearning Modules: Overview

Each of our microlearning modules covers a single occupational safety and health topic. The highly focused modules present information in easy-to-digest, short learning sessions to...

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