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Accident Investigation Techniques, Third Edition

Accident Investigation Techniques, Third Edition

Peter Sturm and Jeffrey Oakley provide a concise comparison of accident/incident investigation techniques that can be used to help companies and safety professionals analyze accidents and feel assured that the causes have been properly determined and that corrective actions will prevent reoccurrence.

This third edition updates the second edition and covers all aspects of accident investigation from theory to organizing, gathering and analyzing data, to reporting, recommendations, and follow-up. This edition integrates the new research, updates the relevant references, and introduces changes that have occurred and continue to occur as workplace safety and investigations evolve and improve. The authors also reference the only consensus standard focusing on investigating incidents, CSA Z1005:21, Workplace Incident Investigation.


  • Real-world case studies throughout
  • Incorporation of CSA Z1005 incident investigation standard
  • Appendix featuring sample charts and forms

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Item Details:

Author: Peter Sturm and Jeffrey S. Oakely
ISBN: 978-0-939874-41-5
Format: Print or Digital
Publisher: American Society of Safety Professionals
Pages: 272

About the Author

Peter Sturm, EMBA, BA, CRSP, CHSC, is a senior safety, health and risk management executive with STURM Consulting Inc. His career...

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