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Introduction to Fall Protection, Fifth Edition

Introduction to Fall Protection, Fifth Edition

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Falls continue to be one of the most costly and deadly incidents in the workplace. They perennially rank at the top of OSHA violations. Falls lead OSHA’s “Fatal Four” for the construction industry, and slips, trips, and falls are in the top six causes of workplace injuries. While there have been many advances in technology, policy, and procedures, there is still much work to be done to protect workers.

This fifth edition of Introduction to Fall Protection brings the reader up to date with the best practices, latest standards and requirements, and innovative equipment for addressing falls in the workplace. Dr. Ellis addresses codes of practice; the hierarchy of controls; active fall protection systems; protection by worker activity; equipment selection, inspection, and maintenance; walking-working surfaces; ladders and aerial lifts, rescue and descent; and fall protection programs.

 Included in this edition are:

• Case studies that demonstrate real-world situations

 • An extensive example fall protection program

 • A detailed glossary of terms

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About The Author

J. NIGEL ELLIS, Ph.D., CSP, PE, CPE (Human Factors), has more than 45 years of safety engineering experience. He is the CEO and founder of Ellis Fall Safety Solutions. His lifelong mission and that of his businesses is focusing on the elimination and control of occupational fall...

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