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CHMM Examination Study Guide v5.0 USB Drive

CHMM Examination Study Guide v5.0 USB Drive

Do you encounter any hazardous materials in your workplace or environment? Are you responsible for the proper handling, storage and/or transportation of hazardous materials? Are you affected by any health, safety, product stewardship, or life cycle-related decisions regarding the use or disposition of hazardous materials? If so, you should have the Certified Hazardous Materials Manager (CHMM) credential from the Institute of Hazardous Materials Management (IHMM) that recognizes your responsibilities, training, and expertise. CHMM Examination Study Guide™ V5.0 is now available to prepare candidates for certification by IHMM. The current CHMM examination blueprint, which contains 12 domains, is followed. These domains are: planning for materials with hazards, shipping and transporting hazardous wastes and hazardous materials, store materials with hazards, facility operations involving materials with hazards, disposition of materials with hazards, record keeping and reporting, training personnel, response and recovery, remediation, management systems, environmental studies, and health and safety. Included are study sessions and more than 900 questions with answers and explanations. You can take short quizzes in each domain and comprehensive exams covering all domains. Tests and quizzes are randomly selected from a pool of questions, so you never take the same test or quiz twice. You can review and keep track of your scores in all subject areas. (This program is not available for Macintosh or Linux operating systems.)
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Hamid R. Kavianian, PhD, CSP, CHMM, is the president of International Safety & Systems Management, Inc., and has extensive professional experience in the field of occupational and environmental safety engineering and management. He has authored ASP, CSP, CHMM, and CIH textbooks and software,...

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